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Sailfishing in Costa Rica

So today we decided to charter a boat. Quepos is famous for its sailfishing as well as deep sea fishing for tuna and El Dorado (also known as Mahi-mahi). Sail-fish are catch and release, but were were hoping to catch some El Dorado (roughly translated in Spanish as “the golden one”) to make some surf-and-turf […]

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A Weekend to Remember

Every summer I have friend up for a weekend to hangout in the Adirondacks at the lake. What made this weekend even more special and unusual was all the wildlife we were able to see. We did the usual tubing, boating, and (attempting) to ski, but on Saturday morning we all agreed to get up […]

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Paint the Sky with Color

There is something magical about a tropical sunset, anyone will say so. Our last day was one of the most spectacular sunsets that we have seen all week (and there have been some pretty beautiful ones). The sky was just so vibrant! I thought it would be nice to share some of the sunsets that […]

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