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How to Pack for Teaching in South Korea

This has been written with Fulbright ETAs in mind, but besides things specific to the Fulbright Korea program, this list can apply to EPIK, TaLK, and even JET teachers. Coming to join the teaching-craziness in Korea?! 축하합니다 and welcome! This is a compiled list of of experiences and advice so you are at least physically prepared […]

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Female Packing List for Study Abroad

One of the biggest issues about traveling is the preparation and the packing! The task of packing a suitcase to fit the next four to six months of your life is a daunting one, especially when there is a weight and size limit. We want to pack smart, but still look fashionable, and save room […]

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Pre-Departure Panic

The countdown has begun, and I cannot help but angst over things, which is making a queasy concoction with my excitement. Summer has flown by in a whirlwind of work, internship hours, and wonderful memories with my family and close friends.  I have wanted to go abroad for years, and now I am! Everything I […]

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