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Where I Pretend I’m in a Historical Korean Drama

There are many famous hanok villages in Korea, but arguably one of the most famous and well-preserved is located in Jeonju (전주한옥마을). So what do you do on a Saturday when you have nothing planned? Take a bus ride to your nearest hanok village with a friend, convince her to wear hanbok with you so […]

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Weekend in Seoul

Graduation from Korea University’s language program was only the beginning of our weekend in Seoul. That Friday afternoon, after the morning graduation ceremony, we went to the US Embassy. While the Ambassador had to go to DC for some urgent business and could not be there, the Embassy was nice enough to still allow us […]

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Korean Cooking Class

Another extracurricular that I signed up for was the Korean cooking class. We spent last Saturday in Cheongju at a cooking workshop. I could go into detail on what we made and how we made it, but that would take too long. So here’s some photos and links to the recipes instead. We made typical […]

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