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Christmas/New Years in Seoul

Since Christmas isn’t celebrated (although I kinda did celebrate it with my host family) we decided to celebrate together. Of course any meetup usually happens in Seoul. Most of my friends from Orientation are spread to all four corners: as far north as Hwacheon (it actually lies above the 38th parallel) and as far south […]

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A Ki-Family Christmas

  Similar to Thanksgiving, Christmas is celebrated really in South Korea. Since it is a religious holiday, it has not gained the secular-celebration as it has in the U.S. Except in the shopping centers, there was very little sign of Christmas. The only neighborhood decoration was the hanging of a star below the church behind […]

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The Marist Christmas Tree

Since the end of October, the college has had two people meticulously wrapping every single branch and needle of the giant spruce tree on the back green. By “meticulous”, I mean it! When I heard the stories, I was dubious. I mean, really every single branch? So on December, when they finally had the tree […]

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