Bird of Paradise

One of the first days were were at St.Johns, I snapped this photograph of a bird as I was hanging out beach towels.

I thought it was a neat photograph of an interesting bird. We all soon learned to loathe these birds. After someone went to the bathroom and left their breakfast on the table outside (only for a few moments) a bird jumped down and started chowing down! No one did that again. They probably have been fed by previous renters and tenants.
But this bird was a lot more bolder than we had anticipated. The front portion of the house that we rented, lead out onto the deck (an amazing view!) had all door-windows. And they constantly stood open allowing a pleasant cross breeze. Most of them open up into the kitchen and living room. While I was sitting in the living room, I saw a bird standing on the counter, pecking out all of the fruit in the fruit bowl!

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My Puppies

The other day, while driving home, I heard the local radio station going on about the dog contest they were having. I am pretty sure that they were having it based off submitted photographs through their website. I had thought about entering my dog’s photos, but I was lazy and never did it. Anyway, here are some photos of my “puppies”. I own two black labs: Sammy and Chester, although Sam is my dog, while technically Chester is my dad’s.

They are father and son, but based off their personalities, you would never guess it. Sam is an American and English mix, while Chester is English. If you know anything about the two groups, Americans are water dogs, longer snouts, fast, high energy, and are obsessed with fetch. English tend to be mellower, with a calm temperament and easy-going, if not lazy, personality with stocky short bodies.

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Signs of Spring

So I was out, helping my parents clean up the backyard which was still recovering from the most recent snow squall. I noticed that on the some of the bushes, there were already small buds forming. An early spring? The plants might have gotten it wrong, as next week we are forecast for another large dumping of snow (which is great the for the ski conditions, but not for gardening). It might be a little too soon for such activities, but I have started to hear the song birds when I wake up. It’s nice to know that spring is right around the corner. I am ready for my reprieve of winter.

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Ice, Ice, Everywhere, And Not A Drop To Drink

The snow has not let up, but then again what do you expect? This is the northeast after all. Last night we got ice.
The good thing about ice is that it almost guarantees that there is a snow day, because unlike snow, which you can plow up if you are given enough time before the storm lets up, ice gets everywhere and stays.

It was a beautiful day today. Despite the inclement weather this past week, today the clouds let up. With the ice coating and weighing down everything and making my driveway an ice rink, the world sparkled like Waterford crystal. I thought this was an excellent opportunity to take out my camera and see what I could get while the sun was out.

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