The Royal Palace

One thing I love about Madrid is all of its public spaces, parks, and monuments! You can find any place to just sit down and chill out. Perhaps this is just because it’s my first time living the city life, but I enjoy getting out of the house and going to any part of the city to meet up with friends or just explore. Today I’m posting a few of my favorite photos from the Royal Palace. I haven’t yet been inside, but the grounds are always open and the beautiful gardens are open most of the day too! It is one of the many residents that the royal family has (yes, there still is a royal family in Spain although much like England they are more of figureheads and do not reside within the palace anymore). I hear it’s only used for formal occasions…

We went right before sunset, so I really enjoyed the lighting! I am sure that by the time this year is up, I’ll have way too many photos of this building…

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