Madrid Day 3: Flamenco Dancing

I want to say that I successfully used the metro by my self. This may not be a great statement, but to me it means a lot. This is coming from someone who has never lived in a city and has probably used the public transportation system alone twice in her life. I’m starting to get more comfortable with public transportation here, which is the only way one can really travel in Madrid.

Las Carboneras – Tablao Flamenco Dancing & Dinner

Las Carboneras is a specific kind of restaurant, near Plaza de Sol, that features a small stage in the center of the restaurant where one can go and eat dinner (optional) and enjoy a Flamenco show. Each show is different, with professional Flamenco dancers preforming various styles of Flamenco and even improvisational dancing.

We opted for dinner, which included wine and Sangría, bread, various tapas, salad, and even small tarts at the end. It was our first group dinner for the week.

Unfortunately, I was unaware that I would be seeing a Flamenco show, as it only said “Las Carboneras” on the schedule. I don’t bring my nice DSLR camera around with me for everyday activities, only for specific events or trips. I’m disappointed to say that I was forced to use my point and shoot only, which is terrible in low-light photography, especially because we could not use flash photography. So I apologize for the terrible quality of the photos. I do think the photos are still very interesting though. You can see the movement in the blurriness of the performers, and even feel and see the expression and emotion in each pose.

I took literally hundreds of photos that night, and these are pretty much the only photos I kept. When my parents come to visit next month, I think I will have to take them to this place again. They will love it, and it will be an excuse for me to bring my nicer camera!:D

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