Scenes from the Rioja

I got to see much of the Rioja within the last week or so. Much of it consisted of the ancient town of San Andrés, among a number of other small towns in the area. San Andrés sits in the bottom of a valley with two other towns within 1km of each other. The region is surrounded by Serra Cantabricas as well, and fields of wheat quickly give way to beautifully-forested mountains. There’s even a ski mountain thirty minutes away. The earth is a dusty red, which is evident in the buildings as well. Rust-colored stone makes up many of the buildings, walkways, and walls, with clay tile roofing.

I did get out to Logroño, the city and capital of the Rioja, and walk around one day.

I may not love history from the textbook, but I am fascinated with just how old and (sometimes) well preserved everything is. I love the old-looking doors with the cast-iron hinges and bolts. Some are beautifully restored. A running joke, when they find out I’m American, is, “Guess what? My house is older than your country!” Or substitute “house” for any number of things.

With all my traveling about (inbetween going to bed at 4:00 am or later and waking at 3:00 pm), I’ve been able to do some exploring with my camera and get some pretty beautiful shots. Here are some of my favorite photos that I’ve taken so far.

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AboutBC - Dear Cara
How interesting is your blog
It is important to note that some of the comarque of La Rioja, is part of the Basque country
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