Incognito in the Library

People love compliments, and I admit I’m no different. Despite being a common visitor of the public library, I had even more incentive to visit with my gallery being on display this month. After dropping off some books, I sat down in the hall at one of the tables to listen and watch people walk by.

Despite my intention on listening in on conversations or watching people pass my photographs in general, I was still slightly surprised and flattered at some of the things people said as they passed my work. I had left out a handful of business cards underneath my bio, and when I arrived, all were missing. So I left a few more.

Thankfully, no one recognized me until I was leaving. A woman who had been reading my bio stopped me and asked if I was the artist. I really enjoyed her compliments and chatting with her about some of my interests and particular photographs she liked.

I have to thank my friend, Anna (pictured above), who helped me drag all my photos from the car and spent three hours of her Thursday night with me to hang up the gallery. It was difficult to hang up all the photos, and even after we had spent an hour straightening them, they all looked a little crooked, but hey, it adds personality.

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