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I must say that I have avoided Instagram for the longest time, but its appeal has finally gotten to me. Personally, and this may sound slightly hypocritical, I don’t like the idea of people sending out stupid photos of every inch of their lives. As I watched my friends with Instagram, I saw that it was more than a more narcissistic-image-driven-Twitter.

The issue that I had was people taking photos of things of little importance. Twitter can be very similar, with people I’ve followed in the past, inundating my feed with trivial tweets like: 40 minute shower and then Breaking Bad marathon? #TheHighLife. Um, OK? At first I saw Instagram as no different. People were posting photos of what they ate for breakfast or that they had a new coat of nail polish on. Still, despite a lot of feeds I didn’t care to see, there were ones that I really enjoyed scrolling through. It rang with a similar tone as my photo blog here.

While I am not posting every meaningless detail of my daily life, I am posting on some of the larger things I’ve done and some highlights. (I hope I’m not boring you!) So this past week I have gotten Instagram and I must admit that the filters are really cool to play with. You may seem some overlap from the photos on this website and the ones I post, but browse away.

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