Birds of the Lake

My family has a house up on lake in the ADK. As we were boating around this weekend, I saw a number of different kinds of birds. Recently a bald eagle has taken up residence on the lake, and I am waiting eagerly for a good moment to take a photograph. The loons on the lake are also quite beautiful (I love listening to their song!), but whenever I have my camera around, it’s like they know and they don’t come around.
I was able to get some nice photos of the great blue heron (I believe that’s what it is), and some geese, although I really hate the geese in the lake. They’re not the nicest or cleanliest birds by far.

What was cool, was how I managed to get a sequence of photos of the heron flying across the water. The baby ducks and geese were cute. They were still in their down, and it was amazing how the parents were always vigilant of where I was and what I was doing.

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