Colleen’s Photo Shoot!

One of my close friends and I have been wanting to do a photo shoot for a while. Finally after having recently gone shopping, I smiled and asked if she wanted to do a photo shoot with me. The weather was perfect and I had wanted to have another friend to practice on. We decided to head out to the backyard, keep it simple, and see how things turned out. Here’s some of my favorites that we ended up with.

Unfortunately, Colleen wears sunglasses. And not only that, but there are transition sunglasses. I attempted to take some photos with them on, but the sun made the sunglasses go dark too fast and it didn’t look that great. So we decided to continue without her glasses, and I’m really happy with how some of the photos came out.

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Colleen - It was actually my dad who told me about this… I’d told him to go see your exhibit at the library. He was so impressed he decided to look up your website, and found this! Thanks again for the photos!

Cara - Hey! Haha thanks, though I thought I told you these were on my website too? Opps :3

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