King of the Forest

Despite living in a fairly developed area, our house has been graced with a significant amount of property, since we border a natural preserve. So it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a whole slew of various woodland creatures crossing our yard. What I was surprised to see was a large buck. Deer are common; too much so that they often end up as road kill. When my dad ran into my room, excitedly, and told me to grab my camera there was a deer in the backyard, I was hardly motivated.

When I saw just how large it was, I was excited and impressed. Any hunter would be proud to show off a head like that, and there are many hunters in the area. We stared at each other for probably two minutes, as I snapped away, attempting to get as close as possible without scaring him off. He knew we were there and seemed unconcerned, as he turned and plodded off into the forest.

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