A Sports Photographer Yet

So as a way to get more involved, I decided to join the school newspaper as a photographer. Perhaps when I feel more inclined, I might write an article or two. For the most part, as a photographer, I am taking pictures of the sporting events. It has been new territory, but I feel I am coming along!

It requires moving along the side lines, or setting up shop at one area or another and waiting for the right moment. What I have found frustrating, is that I might be sitting on one side of the field and the play is happening on the opposite side. So I would get up after a while and walk over to the other side. Of course, the play would then take to the side that I had previously been sitting on. I have to say, sports are not my favorite thing to photograph, but it is a learning experience!

And for the first season, I don’t think I did too badly. Here’s some of my favorite shots. You can see the full album here.

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