Home of the Halibut

So we moved on south to Homer, Alaska. We stayed at “Lands Ends”, literately, where the land ends, at the farthest tip of the Spit.
It was a quaint, touristy town. It’s claim to fame, is the halibut fishing – the reason we went there. Unfortunately, the morning we went out (again, super early fishing), the weather had taken a turn for the worst (as it can suddenly do in Alaska), though it was beautiful and clear yesterday.

We were forced to turn around, less than a mile offshore, from the 10 foot swells that were swamping the bow of the boat (like a scene off Deadliest Catch).

So we had a day to kill, and you can only shop the same tourist-trap-type-stores for so long before you don’t have anything else to buy or look at.
Outside the inn, there was a cool-looking tree that probably had washed up years ago from a storm 1 It was bleached white with sun and age. A perfect opportunity for a quick photo shoot!

After that, I entertained myself for a while, trying to do some rock stacking. This was the most successful one.

  1. There was a lot of different things along the beach.

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