Welcome to the Fjords

After a few days of fishing (and yesterday’s great success), we decided to take visit to Kenai Fjord National Park on a boat tour. I had never been on a tour like this, and it has been many years since I was on a whale watch, so I was so excited.
We could possible see anything and everything, from seals and whales, to otters and puffins. And, boy, did we see things! 1

The fjords, are glacially carved areas, that can create narrow and U-shaped valleys. These areas usually still have glacial activity.

Cara Mooney

You learn quickly, as a fisherman, that where there are birds – there is land (well that’s if you’re lost at sea) but more importantly – fish. And where there is fish – there are whales.
These birds are feeding off of a massive bait-ball. The birds push the fish down, while other animals, like seals (and dolphins in warmer water), keep the bait ball near the surface. It is a feeding frenzy.
bait ballwhale tail

glacier calving
So, here are the glaciers; the photos don’t do them justice. These are very active glaciers, that continue to move and change the terrain, calving into the sea. It is amazing how massive these glaciers are. They just dwarf the boat. When the ice falls, there’s a sound like thunder and if you’re close enough, the wave rocks the 100ft boat. To give you an idea of proportion, that ice chunk falling (above), is probably the size of a truck.

We got the chance to see a lot of other wildlife too! These were a couple of my favorite shots.
sea otter

  1. Although we saw a wide expanse of wildlife, there was large gaps of time in between such sightings.

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