We Are Eating Good Tonight

So we spent most of the day, yesterday, out on the Kenai and Russian River. We ended up catching a good number of Dolleyvarden, as well as one or two rainbow trout (the first fish on, was mine – the largest rainbow of the day!). Sadly, it broke loose just as we brought it to the net. It would’ve been wonderful to get a picture of it, but you can’t have everything work out. And besides, if it was a sign for the luck we had today – well that’s totally fine with me! We couldn’t keep any of those fish anyway. Not unless we got a king or silver, which was unlikely at that time of the year.

Today, for a change of events, the guide took us out into the Bay. Again, we got up super early (too early), to be out on the water by 6:30am. And we were going for Coho “silver” salmon.

The first hour or so, there was little action. The waves were high, tossing our 20ft flat-bottom boat about, like a buoy. We even thought about turning around, because of the conditions. Then we hit our first school.
Long story short, we caught (including the guide) over 16 large silvers.

All the fish was filleted, vacuumed-packed, frozen, and sent home. We will be eating good for a while.

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