The Early Bird Gets the Fish

I enjoy fishing. What I do not enjoy is the fact, that you have to get up at the crack of dawn to fish. The way I’ve looked at it is, the fish can’t go anywhere. So why must you get up so early?

Anyway, one must sometimes conform to the rules of the sport. And rising with the sun is the name of the game.
I woke today at 4:15am to a foggy, and bitter-cold morning. The sun wasn’t even up, though being an Alaskan summer, it never gets that dark. We were in the vans by 5:00am and out on the water by 5:30.
When we first got out, the fog was so thick, you would be hard-pressed to see the other side of the river – only a dozen or so yards away.

We used medium weight flyfishing equipment for most of the day, pulling over on some bars to cast into the rifts. The water was frigid, even through the thick fleece pants and rubber weighters. (Photo of my dad)

My older brother and dad always treated me like a son and brother, more often than a girl. So you get the best of both worlds, I guess. So I guess that, despite all the complaining I usually do (and who wouldn’t?), I do enjoy on occasion, getting up to go fishing. And there is no better place, than on an Alaskan river.

See how blue the water it? It’s like someone poured cool-aid into it! These were all glacial-fed rivers, whose silt turned the water that turquoise color. Beautiful.

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