Into the Wild

For the last two weeks of the summer, my family and I decided to go to Alaska. It has been on my parent’s “bucket list” for a while. Although I had hoped for someplace warmer and ancient – say Italy – I quickly warmed to the idea of adventure.

Alaska! Such awe-inspiring vistas, amazing wildlife, and interesting people. Why not?
Not because it always seems to be raining; the animals are the size of minivans, and with an appetite to eat you three times over; and not mentioning the long hours of travel from one destination to another. I would make the most out of this vacation! Plus, we had gotten a new telephoto lens, so that we can get close-ups to the wildlife…without getting too close!

So off we went – Into the Wild 1
Arriving in Anchorage, after a dragging 10+ hour flight, we continued to drive another three hours out to the Kenai Peninsula.

The first stop we made, was the Kenai River Sportsfishing Lodge. A surprisingly ‘up-scale’ lodge, with non-tent accommodations (I did no planning in this vacation).

We will be spending a few days here, fishing for the famous Alaskan salmon and other trout. Dinner?

  1. Actually we ended up going to where Chris Mccandless died, I Now Walk Into the Wild

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