Bird of Paradise

One of the first days were were at St.Johns, I snapped this photograph of a bird as I was hanging out beach towels.

I thought it was a neat photograph of an interesting bird. We all soon learned to loathe these birds. After someone went to the bathroom and left their breakfast on the table outside (only for a few moments) a bird jumped down and started chowing down! No one did that again. They probably have been fed by previous renters and tenants.
But this bird was a lot more bolder than we had anticipated. The front portion of the house that we rented, lead out onto the deck (an amazing view!) had all door-windows. And they constantly stood open allowing a pleasant cross breeze. Most of them open up into the kitchen and living room. While I was sitting in the living room, I saw a bird standing on the counter, pecking out all of the fruit in the fruit bowl!

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